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Over 200 years ago, merchants and trademen travelled regularly to and fro on camels and caravans on business trips across the Trans-Saharan desert between North and West Africa. These journeys could last two to six months at a time and sometimes even up to a year. Kilishi (dried spicy meat) was one of their main snacks. As time went on, Kings and Queens became aware of the Kilishi and liked it to the extent that they began accepting it as a product for exchange of gifts with their counterparts. The rich and famous were also introduced to it and would snack on as they travelled long distances. They also used it to entertain their family and visitors.


The process involved in making Kilishi is time consuming, thus making it expensive. The beef has to go through various processes ranging from thinly slicing, fat removal, drying, mixing with ingredients and finally grilling.

Traditionally in Africa, the meat is manually sliced in an unhygienic environment, therefore this prompted us to find a good hygienic way to produce it. Since we do not sun dry as is done in Africa, we can produce Kilishi mechanically and hygienically at any time and in large quantities. We are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Aminchi is a Hausa word meaning quality. We are committed to serving our customers a quality product through our method of processing, productivity and delivery. We also offer great value for your money, and the nutritional value of the product is high.

We started with HOT (spicy) then the MILD Kilishi brand. In the near future we’ll have other flavors not only peanut butter. We are also looking into introducing more African snacks that are long forgotten and not commonly found at home (Africa), and abroad eg Kulikuli, Dakuwa, DanbunNama, etc.


We welcome suggestions on how we can improve our quality of service and which products will interest our customers. We can be reached through email, phone or by mail, see above.

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